Mission Statement

Go, Inc. exists to challenge and empower youth and adults in reaching the world for Christ through short-term mission's trips and provide experiences where they will be challenged to grow in their Christian walk, share their faith, and serve others in the name of Christ.

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works." Ephesians 2:10

Our Vision

Go, Inc.'s Vision is twofold:

1.) Our vision is to give youth every opportunity to experience missions on a firsthand basis. We aim to give adults the chance to work alongside and even under the leadership of teens in a mission's setting. 

2.) Our ministry started by working first in the poor areas of Mexico, but we have and will continue to expand our ministries to other places around the world (i.e. Haiti, Peru, etc.). 

Cultivating a Passion for Missions

It is difficult to have a passion for something you know nothing about. Therefore, we believe that by providing the opportunity to go on a mission's trip and experience poverty, suffering, hurt, true joy, gratefulness, and the love of a child, someone's life may be changed forever. We hope & pray that our participants may end up developing a passion for mission's, but even more than that, a passion for the gospel. We have witnessed youth that have come on our trips go on to be full-time missionaries, pastors, youth pastors, teachers, and people who are aimed at reaching their friends, families, and co-workers for Christ.