Give to Go, Inc. 

Go, Inc. is a non-profit mission's organization that survives on the contributions of generous donors. Donations go to supporting the ministry of Go, Inc. both here in the states and in the countries that we serve in. All contributions go to supporting the different areas of our ministry: house building, vision clinics, Vacation Bible Schools, water filter distribution, administrative costs, and much more. There are several ways to donate to Go, Inc. and we greatly appreciate any and all gifts. All donations are tax deductible. Go, Inc.'s EIN number is 26-0042956.

There are several ways to donate to Go, Inc. The first being through a one-time gift donation. Donors can give a one-time gift to support the ministry at any point throughout the year. 

The second way to donate is through monthly financial support. Donors can support the ministry by committing to give a financial gift each month. There are several ways to give their monthly donations. A donor can send in a check to Go, Inc., they can send in a payment online through our PayPal account, or they can work with the bank directly by creating a Bill Pay check that is sent every month to our ministry. 

The last way to give to Go, Inc. is by giving a special gift. With our ministry having so many different facets and opportunities to reach people, we are always looking for different ways to do so. Special gifts can be designated to one of our specific ministries: house building, Vision Clinics, Vacation Bible Schools, Water Filter Distribution, supporting a certain individual for a mission's trip, and much more. 

Thank You!

We are so thankful for all of our generous donors! Our ministry would not be able to survive without the prayer and financial contributions from each of our supporters. We appreciate each one of you and are blessed by your continual generosity!

To receive a financial report on how our funds are designated, email us by clicking here