Peru Missions Trip

Go, Inc. has just recently started going on short-term missions trips to the country of Peru. We had the privilege of partnering with Brendan & Erin Connally, who work with the mission's organization SIM (Serving in Mission). Brendan & Erin have been working with the Quechua people in Peru doing Oral Bible Teaching & dental work. While we are there individuals have the opportunity serve alongside the Connally's doing Dental Clinics, Vision Clinics & Water Filter Distribution. 

Cost: $1800-$2000 depending on airfare

Time of Trip: Middle of August

Length of Trip: 10 days

Age Limit: 18 years & older

Other restrictions: Must be in good health, no lung & heart conditions due to elevation

Dental Clinics

Go, Inc. partnered with Erin Connally, as she and several other local dentists went into the villages in the mountains of Peru and provided vitally needed dental care. The dental care given included teeth extraction, fillings, cleanings, and dental hygiene teaching & training. Children & adults were taught about when and how to properly brush their teeth. 

Vision Clinics

Brendan & Erin Connally also work with the organization, AIDIA, that does Bible translation and teaches literacy classes. Go, Inc. is able to come alongside this ministry by providing reading glasses to men & women that come through our Vision Clinic. At the clinics, AIDIA handed out pamphlets on different Bible verses and stories. People walked away with the ability to now read for themselves about Jesus' love.

Ministry in the Villages

While in Peru, Go, Inc. has the opportunity to love and care for the people living the distant mountainous villages of  country. Go, Inc. aims at immersing ourselves in the cultures in which we serve by serving with, eating with, and doing ministry with those that live there. We were able to be a part of several church services and Oral Bible Teaching times given by the AIDIA staff. 

Water Filter Distribution

We had the amazing opportunity to give out water filters to some of the local pastors and ministries leaders at AIDIA. The areas we were in did not have clean, filtered water. We had the chance to demonstrate how to use these easy-to-use water filters. Our hope is that these water filters will reduce the risk of contracting water borne illnesses & parasites.